Fellowship with the Father is just that easy!

Finding your place in your relationship with the Father isn’t difficult. Finding the willpower to seek Him out is where all the difficulty lies.
~David Oyer~

Our Mission

To bring the truth of the Scriptures to all who are sent. Making an extra effort to share the Love of the Father with all.

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Fellowship is important to our faith. We need fellowship to help us grow, spark conversation and give people a place to confide in or turn to in time of need. 

Fellowship of Yah has a special interest in providing an atmosphere where individuals can come and communicate with one another. A place where you can openly speak about any subject or topic of need. 

We provide a venue of open debate and any “woke-ism or stupidity” is removed. We will not tolerate any anti-freedom behavior, for we want a forum where free speech is respected.

We are still developing our site and as we improve, the more interactive activites will be available to you. Stay tuned, great things are coming.