Blessed are You, YHVH our Elohim,
King of the universe
who brings sleep to our eyes and slumber to our bodies.
You brought us through another day safe and protected from the enemy.
I pray for protection over my home and family, over the night hours – as evil never sleeps.
But you Father are our fortress and our shield.
You are our mighty creator and our heavenly king.
My love and devotion is to you alone.
By Yeshua’s sacrifice¬†
High School Drop Out Diploma earned at Cornerstone Academy Formerly Certified minister of the National Association for Christian Ministers Senior Advisor for over 65 individuals 10+ years in the healthcare field 6 years operating and running Fellowship of Yah Ministry Former Employment Forklift Operator Shift Leader in a restaurant Sanitation Supervisor at a buffet I was a lost individual trying to find his way. I found my way with Elohim as a guide. I have a new home, great job, great family and best of all I have the closest relationship with the Father. I couldn't be happier and I'm looking forward to sharing everything I know with you all.

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