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Our Refuge

Praise You,
YHVH our Elohim
King of the universe 
Who gives us beautiful days and fragrant plants
Thank You Father for loving us and giving us your breath that fills our lungs 
My being thirsts for You as a flower thirsts for rain
You are our refuge 
My being has closely followed You
Your right hand did uphold me
Guard my life from the enemy
And from those who sharpen their tongue like a sword
And aim their arrows at those who are blameless
Let the people praise You Father
YHVH,  our YHVH blesses us
And all on the earth fear Him!
The El of Yisra’el 
Our Creator, our King
And those who love His name say HalleluYaH!
By Yeshua’s sacrifice 


Author: Mistyby5


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