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Yeshua is Good not Safe

Yeshua is Good not Safe You know, guns are good, but they are not safe. This is the argument many liberals and democrats use, however, what thoughtless people don’t think about is the manual. Guns are good and using the proper instruction, they can be utilized properly yet they are...

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True Discipleship The Elements Pt. 6

True Discipleship Pt 6 We have spent quite some time working on understanding the elements of discipleship. We have looked at Yeshua, relationship, intention, spirit, bible and journey as 6 major elements in discipleship. One thing we have found to have a commonality in all these elements is what? Love....

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True Discipleship Your Best Friend

Discipleship: Your Best Friend Can everyone tell me who their best friend is? My question is vague but tell me who is your best friend? IF any of you said a spouse or name of person than today’s message is for you. Those of you who were aware enough and...

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True Discipleship Love is a Battlefield

Love is a Battlefield There are about three reasons why a person tries to make disciples and fulfill the Great Commission. These three reasons are as followed: love for lost ones, prove works and prideful success. Two of the three reasons are, of course, wrong in intent as we have...

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