Who We Are

A Faith That Never Fails

Fellowship of Yah was founded by YaHUaH in October of 2016 when He called for the collaboration of this ministry to come to life. When the ministry was formed, we were struggling for a place to call home so while we were searching, we were called to work Fellowship of Yah. A ministry whose main purpose and goal is to seek Elohim and find Him so we can get to know Him and His Word. Erasing secular indoctrination, man-made pagan and non-pagan traditions, endless seas of confusing arguments and destructive debates. We are left to seek for and relay the message of truth of scripture based on scripture without the corruption of man, no matter the magnitude of change required by the revelation of real truth.

Our Mission

Keeping the Faith

This ministry has a scripture-centered foundation so that our actions and teachings are centered on the Word of YaHUaH.
We are being commissioned to bring the Good News of the Word of YaHUaH(God)(Mark 16:15, Matt. 24:14, Psalms 96:3, Rev. 14:6-7)
and all of His blessings including Yeshua, in an unadulterated, pure form(Deut. 4:2, Deut. 12:32, Rev. 22:19)
without doctrine or traditions of men.

Bringing those confused and lost to the body of Faith in hopes of guiding them to the Father
to do whatever He (from above) commands(John 14:15-31, 1 John 5:3).
Making disciples of men as part of the Great Commission
in obedience to Elohim. (Acts 1:8, Matt 28:19-20).

**At this time, Fellowship of Yah is not having in-home attendees for services due to the current move situation taking place. Soon after we are back up and running, we will be accepting volunteers for internet managment, video editing, audio processing and other positions as well.**

Saryah Oyer

Preacher Devlin Oyer