Fellowship Of Yah : Setting the tone for biblical ethics

From the minister of Fellowship of Yah – The core of Fellowship of Yah is the fact that we center our actions and development around YeHoVaH’s words and commands. The most important command from YeHoVaH and His Son Yeshua(Jesus) is to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself(Matt. 22:35-40, Mk. 12:28-34)” Therefore, when interacting within the fellowship’s contact webpages, whether it be the website, email or other contact methods, please use these two commands in appropriateness.

1. All interactions shall be in reference to YeHoVaH, Yeshua, the Scriptures or prayer/praise reports. We have to focus in on YeHoVaH and center in on Him.
2. Profanity is prohibited as it is demeaning and not necessary. Conduct yourselves with some class.
3. No political references or campaigning is allowed as we do not condone the interference of the state into this ministry. Who you vote for is between you and the Almighty.
4. No secularism is allowed. One of the goals of this ministry is to help people focus in on the Almighty and His Son and not on the world.
5. We are here to also help build up one another. Please refrain from putting others down, demeaning others or having a negative attitude towards one another.
6. Post content – Fellowship of Yah does not want to prohibit others ability to post anything that has to do with the Almighty or His Son. However, if it happens to become a problem, we will address it immediately. No non-biblical pictures or posts are allowed.

There are some repercussions if you do not abide by the policies.

1. You will get a warning
2. You will get a temporary ban up to a week
3. You will be permanently banned.

All repercussions are subject to Fellowship of Yah leadership. Based on the offense, will determine the repercussion actions that will be carried out.
Thank you for all being considerate of others.