Help A Friend

Proverbs 3:27

“Don’t withhold good from someone who deserves it, when it is in your power to do so.”

To piggy-back off of “Find Your Way“, I felt led to put this thought into your head. While we appreciate being called, those of us who are and answer are usually blessed in many different facets of life. Blessings range from an abundance of love to having plenty in provision. The blessings never really do stop. It’s like that battery bunny, the blessings just keep coming and coming and coming. Now this doesn’t go to say that us who have answered the call doesn’t fall on bad times. We do quite often. In the past week, I wrecked my car, shattered my phone and lost a lot of time. The thing about it is that even through I had all this bad, I had a lot of good come out of it. For example, my wrecked car had full coverage insurance and it was paid for and no one was hurt. The car is in fairly decent condition but not able to driven. The phone didn’t have insurance but the phone company is reimbursing the repair. Even though I lost a lot of time in production, I gained an appreciation for how Elohim blesses in time of trouble.

Try to keep a positive outlook on the bad things that happen because there is someone out there that’s having it worse. When the bad is happening, it’s better to bless someone else because your life as it is in the Fathers hand, is already blessed. Those who are less fortunate than you, could use our help in blessing them through the provisions that the Father has blessed us.

Deuteronomy 15:11

“Poor persons will never disappear from the earth. That’s why I’m giving you this command: you must open your hand generously to your fellow Israelites, to the needy among you, and to the poor who live with you in your land.”