Trust Man?

Psalm 146:3-4
Put not your trust in princes,

in mortal man, who cannot save.
When his spirit departs, he returns to the ground;
on that very day his plans perish.

We put our trust in men everyday we take breath. We trust our government, the agencies they have deployed and trust they will make laws that govern us appropriately and with our best interests at heart. We listen to their medical, societal and psychological advice. We allow them to influence, teach, vaccinate and feed our children hoping they have our children’s best interest at heart. We trust that our church leaders gave us all the information we needed to succeed spiritually. We trust they would help us find our way to God and to everlasting life. We trust they love us like Messiah loved his brothers, his friends. We trust these men with a lot. What happens when that trust is broken? Do we forgive and forget, to follow after them again? Do we see that a tiger never changes it stripes yet?

Ask yourself this, who have you put all of your trust into? Have you ever placed that much trust in the Father? Have you honestly and truthfully, spirit is your witness, ever put a full, 100% trust into the Father for everything? Or did you rather go to man to take the easy road, to hit the easy street and have the life of convenience and consumer addiction? These are the questions for you today? Take a moment and realize, we all have a lot to get better at but the one thing we need to perfect, TRUSTING THE FATHER, NOT IN MAN!