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Helmet of Salvation Answer Sheet

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Helmet of Salvation Quiz

1. What are the four spiritual parts of the mind that we discussed last week?

A. The power of the mind
The influence of the mind
The potential of the mind
The pollution of the mind

2. 2 Timothy 1:7 7 For Elohim has not given us a spirit of ________, but of ________ and of _________ and of ________.

A. Cowardice, Power, Love, Self-Control

3. What is the difference between an unbeliever and a sinner?

A. Unbelievers reject the truth, Sinners do not know the truth.

4. The influence of the mind can be clearly seen with what action by most people? We covered this in detail last week.

A. Addiction

5. What action did YHVH take to help us defeat evil influence in our minds?

A. Gave us His law in our minds.

6. What is the potential of our minds? Naming one of the four things we covered will be counted as correct.

A. Taking captive our thoughts, Having a sound mind, Eliminating fear through love or Being like Messiah

7. What does futility mean?

A. pointlessness or uselessness. fruitlessness, pointlessness, uselessness, vanity, ineffectiveness, inefficacy; failure, barrenness, unprofitability; impotence, hollowness, emptiness, forlornness, hopelessness

8. When we pollute the mind, we can allow the pollution through what inlets?

A. Eyes, ears, mouths, nose and touch. Or the five senses.

9. What organ did we discuss last week that fulfills the desire for instant gratification?

A. The brainstem

10. Death and life are the power of the _______. And those loving it eats its _______.

A. Tongue, Fruit

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