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Shield of Faith Quiz and Answers

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Shield of Faith Answer Sheet

1. Name the six words that define faith.

A. Faith, Belief, Trust, Confidence; Fidelity, Faithfulness.


2. 1 John 5:4 – 4 because everyone having been born of Elohim overcomes the _______. And this is the overcoming that has overcome the _______: our _______.

A. World, World, Belief


3. In one perspective, believing and having faith in the word of YHVH is a way to do what?

A. Keep the commands


4. Hebrews 11:1 – 1 And ______ is the substance of what is expected, the _______ of what is not seen.

A. Belief, Proof


5. Faith is the outcome of what?

A. Salvation


6. Matthew 6:25-34 tells us about the provision of His creation. What four attacks does this help us defeat?

A. Worry, Anxiety, Fear and Doubt


7. When we are found righteous in our faith, we receive what?

A. Peace with YHVH


8. Romans 5: 5 – 5 And expectation does not _______, because the love of Elohim has been poured out in our _______ by the Set-apart Spirit which was _______ to us.

A. Disappoint, Hearts, Given


9. The Shield of Faith gives us access into what of YHVH?

A. The Favor of YHVH


10. The Shield of Faith requires what?

A. Faith, Belief, Trust, Confidence; Fidelity, Faithfulness.

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