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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Purchase Metformin Without Prescription Stevrasoub0September 12, 2019Details
For Jessie, and sister 1September 2, 2019Details
Caitlin C 9/1/192September 2, 2019Details
For Alicia and Isabella 9/1/192September 2, 2019Details
*cancer* Sept 20192September 2, 2019Details
update for Mercy 9/1/192September 2, 2019Details
For YaH’s children who are feeling defeated and drained 9/1/192September 2, 2019Details
Dso 8/19/196September 2, 2019Details
Jodi 08/19/196September 2, 2019Details
Continued Unspoken 8/19/196September 2, 2019Details
Susan R 8/25/198September 2, 2019Details
con't prayer for Tai and Mom 8/25/198September 2, 2019Details
For K 8/25/198September 2, 2019Details

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For Jessie, and sister

Jessie F anon
Me and my sister are both battling depression, suicide(my sister) , and both struggling in our beliefs. I am still in the church but my sister has left. I just ask that you pray for us and our spiritual battle. Thanks ABBA please rush in, and rescue these two precious hearts. B'Shem Y'Shua, please cast out these wrong spirits who plague them. Fill their hearts with Shalom. B'Shem Y'Shua. Amein and Amein.

Caitlin C 9/1/19

Prayer Warriors anon
ABBA please send guardian angels and warring angels to guide and fight for this child. Please release her from the drama coming from the adults in her life that are selfish. Please protect her and her younger sister. Grow her up to belong to only You. Break every contract, and remove any legal rights that the accuser has on her. B'Shem Y'Shua. Amein and Amein.

For Alicia and Isabella 9/1/19

Prayer Warriors anon
ABBA please keep these two protected, and if by Your Will they receive Your Mercy, I pray that they be drawn to You before it is too late. Thank You for listening ABBA. B'Shem Y'Shua. Amein and Amein.

*cancer* Sept 2019

Prayer Warriors anon
ABBA YOU are the One who is in control of the universe. YOU are the Great Physician. We Thank You for each day You allow us, every breath You share with us. We come to You with grateful, yet heavy hearts for every soul who has been diagnosed with any kind of cancer. ABBA this evil MUST be stopped. It is a horrible way to live and to die. Please step in right here, right now These precious ones MUST be healed!!! So many who are being traumatized by this horrid journey. This criminal thief that steals, kills, and destroys. Not just life itself, but joy, peace, family, friendships, all the gifts and blessings that You have given us for our time here. Please reach Your Hand down from Your Heavenlies, giving these precious ones Your supernatural touch, Your divine intervention. We are surrendering all to You. You are our Life\'s Blood. You are THE LIVING ELOHIM. We Praise you for every moment, and we give thanks for the storms that build us and stretch us. Let every person and all of their loved ones come out of the cancer storm, transformed and made new on the other side. May Your Will be done, and that everyone who witnesses Your Great Miracle of Healing, bring Glory to Your Holy Name. B'Shem Y'Shua. Amein and Amein.

update for Mercy 9/1/19

Prayer Warriors anon
ABBA praying for this precious one who has injured her ankle. Please intercede with a quick healing. B’Shem Y’Shua. Amein and Amein.

For YaH’s children who are feeling defeated and drained 9/1/19

Prayer Warriors anon
ABBA many of us are experiencing these feelings. Feelings of tiredness, lost energy, defeat. Please refresh and energize us to continue and endure to the end of the race. We lift up our brothers and sisters. ABBA we need a BIG DADDY size hug!!! Wrap us up ABBA!!! B'Shem Y'Shua. Amein and Amein.

Dso 8/19/19

Prayer Warriors anon
ABBA You know all of what is taking place for true. In the spirit and in the flesh. I lift up this precious ones that You will beyond a shadow of a doubt, show them what is taking place and the reasons. That You will make it very clear...plain as day. That light will be shed for those around as well. We lift up all infirmities. We shackle all unclean and unholy spirits, rebuking them to dry places never to return. We also ask for You to reveal where these things are coming from. If it is any in this circle, please show it. B'Shem Y'Shua. Amein and Amein.

Jodi 08/19/19

Jodi anon
ABBA~ Y'Shua says if I want to live life through Him, then I have to let go of mine. Please help me to have courage to do this. Help me to eat of HIM, so that my belly may be filled with Your Holy Ruach. B'Shem Y'Shua. Amein and Amein.

Continued Unspoken 8/19/19

anonymous anon
ABBA if it is our fault that there are unclean, unholy spirits on us, and everyone's issues are our fault, I ask that You please intervene. Please shackle these filthy things up, and send them out into the dry places, never to return. B'Shem Y'Shua HaMashiach of Nazarit. I pray that You shut their mouths and bind their hands at once!!! B'Shem Y'Shua. Please cover us in The Blood of The Lamb. Let no power of darkness manipulate, control, influence, or oppress us anymore. B'Shem Y'Shua!!! Thank You ABBA!!! WE LOVE YOU. B'Shem Y'Shua Malchizedek. Amein and Amein.

Susan R 8/25/19

Prayer Warriors anon
ABBA FATHER, You have done so much for those who are requesting in their prayers to move forward, whether it was in missions, employment, or other areas in life. We come to You with a precious daughter, please open this much desired, and needed door in her life, that would bring her to a better place for work. We completely surrender it into Your Mighty Hand. In Your Way, in Your Will, and in Your Time. B'Shem Y'Shua. Amein and Amein.

con't prayer for Tai and Mom 8/25/19

Prayer Warriors anon
ABBA, this is an unspoken prayer. You know this request, I stand in agreement that all is well. Thank You ABBA. B'Shem Y'Shua. Amein and Amein.

For K 8/25/19

Prayer Warriors anon
YaH knows....B'Shem Y'Shua. Cover with The Blood of the Lamb. Amein Amein.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.

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