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True Discipleship Yeshua is Good not Safe

Yeshua is Good not Safe You know, guns are good, but they are not safe. This is the argument many liberals and democrats use, however, what thoughtless people don’t think about is the manual. Guns are good and using the proper instruction, they can be utilized properly yet they are very dangerous. Yeshua is like […]

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True Discipleship Your Kids

True Discipleship: Your Kids Once again, we were going to do one thing and as I suspected, the Father has moved me to teach on another subject. Statistically speaking, about 85% of Torah observant people came into this walk as adults. There are not many from my generation or the generation before mine that had […]

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True Discipleship Edification vs Building

Edification vs Building Last week we discussed edification and its duties. We saw how it is used to build one another up and how it is used to teach each other. The goal of edification is to become more like Messiah by making applicable, the Torah in our lives. It is what is used to […]

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True Discipleship Edification

Edification Today we are going to talk about true discipleship in the beginnings of a series on discipleship. We could be like the norm and start with the evident scriptures pertaining to being one of Yeshua’s taught ones but that seems a bit too normal for us here at Fellowship of Yah. Coming off one of […]

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True Discipleship Love is a Battlefield

Love is a Battlefield There are about three reasons why a person tries to make disciples and fulfill the Great Commission. These three reasons are as followed: love for lost ones, prove works and prideful success. Two of the three reasons are, of course, wrong in intent as we have already discussed in previous weeks. […]

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True Discipleship Your Best Friend

Discipleship: Your Best Friend Can everyone tell me who their best friend is? My question is vague but tell me who is your best friend? IF any of you said a spouse or name of person than today’s message is for you. Those of you who were aware enough and have the appropriate relationship with […]

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True Discipleship The Elements Pt. 6

True Discipleship Pt 6 We have spent quite some time working on understanding the elements of discipleship. We have looked at Yeshua, relationship, intention, spirit, bible and journey as 6 major elements in discipleship. One thing we have found to have a commonality in all these elements is what? Love. Love is the basis of […]

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True Discipleship The Elements Pt 5

True Discipleship Pt. 5 We have covered 5 of the 7 elements of discipleship over the past four weeks. We have discovered, unveiled and acknowledged that the most important thing in the body of Messiah is love. If you cannot love, you will not produce good fruit. Keep this in mind, love isn’t a word […]

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True Discipleship The Elements Pt. 4

True Discipleship Pt. 4 Over the past three weeks we have looked at four different elements of discipleship that are required to be successful and effective in your discipleship endeavors. We discussed the core of discipleship which is Yeshua. How to take what we know and build relationships through tough love and discipling love. We […]

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True Discipleship: The Elements Pt. 3

True Discipleship: The Elements Pt. 3 We have been putting our focus directly onto discipleship for the past few weeks and it’s been a much- needed study. The root of discipleship falls onto one word, can anyone tell me this word? Love, love is the root of discipleship but it’s not the type of love […]

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