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Gifts of the Spirit Pt. 4

Gifts of the Spirit
Pt. 4


Two weeks ago we left off with the gift of teaching. Lets talk about our journey thus far and see how we got where we are. The first week, we started this journey talking about exhortation, giving, administration, leadership, mercy and ending the first part talking about wisdom and knowledge. So in the first week, we laid out the congregational positions that help the building on top of the foundation of a congregation. For a congregation to be successful, we need to have all the right people in the right places. That means every gift that YeHoVaH blesses us with, needs to be utilized properly to assure that the congregation grows properly. YeHoVaH being the maker of ministries, you know He will choose everyone that needs to be where He needs them to be.

In the second week, we moved on to faith, healing, miracles, prophecy and discernment. Now we can start to see a path being formed. In the first week, we saw the formational gifts of a ministry and gifts that are ordained for specific people(for the most part). The second week, we are seeing the gifts the congregation can do in the authority of Yeshua.  We see gifts that anyone can manifest in the authority of the Spirit and Yeshua with YeHoVaH’s will. The path that we are on is quite a divine path that’s being led during this series we are ending today. I didn’t choose the order in which the gifts were going to be explained, I just went off the leading of the Spirit. Lets see where this path takes us.

In week three, we discussed speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues, apostleship, missionary, evangelist, pastor, shepherd and teaching. Once again we are seeing the products of a successful congregation but now we are seeing what roles that each part can partake in. Not everyone is called for the gifts mentioned above. Not all people are capable of the gifts above, these gifts are for specific people that YeHoVaH had built the strengths in that these gifts require. There is one exception and that is evangelist, however, there is a special measure of this gift that everyone cannot manifest. Now, we move on to the most sacred of gifts. The chosen gifts for a very select people that are specifically chosen out of many to carry these ordinations out. Some of them are hard, some of them are mortal, some of them are just plain unimaginable but it is a gift and a blessing. So lets just dive right into them.

1 Corinthians 7:7-8
7 Yet I wish that all men were like me. However, each man has his own gift from God, one in this way and another that.
8 But I say to the unmarried and to widows that it is good for them to remain as I am.

Strong’s Concordance 776
asitia: abstinence from food
Original Word: ἀσιτία, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: asitia
Phonetic Spelling: (as-ee-tee’-ah)
Short Definition: abstinence, a fast
Definition: either: lack or wheat, lack of food (the literal meaning), or: abstinence from food, a fast, loss of appetite, sea-sickness (the extended meaning).

Strong’s Concordance 681
haptó: to fasten to, lay hold of
Original Word: ἅπτω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: haptó
Phonetic Spelling: (hap’-to)
Short Definition: I kindle, light
Definition: I kindle, light.

Now we are going to cover celibacy here and its kind of confusing because it covers abstinence as well. This gift means to voluntarily remain single without regret and with the ability to maintain controlled sexual impulses so as to serve the Lord without distraction. Has anyone ever heard of the phrase, “Don’t rush to marriage, be married to the Lord.”? The thing is this, when a widower/widow, divorced or just plain single, it is a gift to take a vow of celibacy. Now I’m not saying you should do this because this gift isn’t for everyone. We are humans after all and the majority of us need physical and emotional attachment to another human. It’s the way we were made. There is that one person out of so many that just loves the Lord and being with the Lord is all they need to fulfill their emotional needs. Another example is when the Lord is the only refuge from getting a heart broken.

YeHoVaH heals broken hearts and thus would be a candidate for those who cannot find love without sorrow. There are other examples to use but I want to cover the jist of it.

Abstinence from being in a relationship, having sex, from food, or to fast from an item is a gift. Let me clear the lines of understanding tho, fasting for an answer to a prayer and fasting as a command from Elohim are two different things. One is a direction on what we should do and the other is a commandment. Recently, I was commanded to go on a couple of fasts. One fast was a week from any sexual interaction with my wife. The other fast is a more personal spiritual fast that I’m not going to go into. My point is that I didn’t fast looking for answers or miracles, I fasted because my Father said FAST. He woke me out of my sleep and told me to fast.

What I’m getting at is that celibacy and abstinence are one in the same as a gift. In one manner we abstain and are celibate from sex or emotional relationships to focus in on ABBA. In another manner, we are choosing to keep ourselves from partaking in things we covet like food. The difference between the gift types and the non-gift types is by commandment rather than choice. If we choose to do these things, this is not the Spirit manifesting a gift through you, although it may be the Spirit prompting you to follow our direction of prayer and fasting. This type of fasting is mentioned in Matthew 17:20-21.

Matthew 17:20-21
20 – And Yeshua said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.
21 – Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.

What I’m getting at is that we can fast but the gift from the Spirit is going to be a commanded fast not given through prayer but through divine intervention. If we are commanded and do this as requested, then the Spirit is showing YeHoVaH’s glory in you by choosing you to focus in on Him for His purpose. It is truly an honorable gift and one that is very unique and special in its form. To put it simple for those who had an issue understanding this, we have two fasts that pertain to abstinence. Spiritual gift abstinence fast and faith based fast to move mountains out of your walks path. A mountain that you may want to move may be gluttony, a lack of prayer time that you want to increase, bad thoughts that you don’t want to have anymore, an addiction, etc.  With that said, lets move on to the next gift in 1 Corinthians 13:3.

1 Corinthians 13:3
3- If I give away all that I own and if I hand over my body so I might boast but have not love, I gain nothing.

Strong’s Concordance 119
athlésis: a contest
Original Word: ἄθλησις, εως, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: athlésis
Phonetic Spelling: (ath’-lay-sis)
Short Definition: a contest
Definition: a struggling

Who here knows who the first christian martyr for Messiah was? Stephen, who stood up for Messiah and was stoned to death for it. This gift is a one and done gift meaning once you are put to death, this gift can’t happen again. The gift leaves huge ramifications for the people who put the person to death. It also has its rewards for those who surcome to this type of physical death. This reward is unbelievable and unexplainable. Words can’t translate what the reward for manifesting this gift is. This gift is so magnificent and requires such courage that most people would cower and turn on Messiah even the most elect. Does anyone remember a story about this? Peter, who denied Yeshua, not once, not twice but three times. Peter was not ordained to manifest this gift at the time of his denial of Yeshua. Can anyone really imagine what it would be like to be faced with this decision? I can sit here and tell you that I would die for Him but in the face of that death, I couldn’t tell you what would happen. I have never been in that situation. I have had to sacrifice employment for Him. I have sacrificed family members and lifestyles, but my own life.

Put this in your mind, death is not the only way to be a martyr but it is the way to martyrdom. Would it be comparable to death to be taken to prison for your faith? Shed your blood, had your property destroyed or experience great hardship for your faith to the Messiah? Being a martyr comes in many forms but martyrdom comes one way and that is death. Complete physical death.  We now can go into the next gift.

1 Corinthians 13:3
3- If I give away all that I own and if I hand over my body so I might boast but have not love, I gain nothing.

Voluntary Poverty
Strong’s Concordance 4432
ptócheia: beggary, i.e. destitution
Original Word: πτωχεία, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: ptócheia
Phonetic Spelling: (pto-khi’-ah)
Short Definition: beggary, poverty
Definition: beggary, poverty, destitution.

Before I explain this gift let me explain the difference between interpretation and spiritual wisdom. When a person interprets the scriptures, they normally do so to fit a certain doctrine. When a person prays and utilizes spiritual wisdom as mentioned in Proverbs 1, we can determine what the scriptures is trying to tell us without trying to prove or disprove doctrine. The person is trying to teach what YeHoVaH wanted to get across in the first place. That is why Fellowship of Yah ministries is trying to bring the unadulterated word of YeHoVaH to tear apart doctrines.

Ladies and gentlemen, voluntary poverty is a tough one and it requires a special faith to know that YeHoVaH will provide everything you need even when you have nothing. To do this, is to purposely live an impoverished lifestyle to serve and aid others with your resources. Think about the blessings you give others when you allow this gift to be manifested in you. It’s not for everyone because it takes a certain measure of the gift of giving, a giant measure. Opening your home to the homeless is one thing but giving your home to a homeless family and finding a new place to rent is a whole nother subject. Giving clothes that don’t fit you to someone who doesn’t have clothes is nice. Giving someone the shirt off your back is another story. Voluntary poverty is a blessing for those who are able to do this. It also gives YeHoVaH a smile we can’t understand but it also allows Him to work in this persons life in ways we can’t comprehend.

At times we find ourselves needing a little more insight or understanding when it comes to the truth. The following gifts suggest that they provide spiritual insight. Now it does not mean we are dabbling into mysticism. Rather it would be providing such insight as based on or filtered through the Word of YeHoVaH. These gifts are knowledge, wisdom and discernment. Now we spoke about these gifts but lets go over some other things. Each of these gifts do have insight based on the Truth of YeHoVaHs Word but the way they handle the truth tends to differ.

With the ability to use discernment is to distinguish truth from error; more about analyzing to determine if something is true. However, with knowledge, you are seeking to know truth; more about arriving at truth based on study. Where wisdom is sensing how truth relates to life; more about applying the truth.

I go over these because of the gifts of today. You have to apply the three gifts of discernment, knowledge and wisdom to understand the gifts that we have discussed today. I personally cannot understand the gifts of celibacy, martyr, voluntary poverty or abstinence. It’s impossible for me to understand these gifts. This makes it even harder to teach on them so lets try to bring everything together, shall we.

Lets pull all the gifts together now that we have covered them all and make sense of all of this information. So we have exhortation, giving, mercy,  administration, leadership, knowledge and wisdom. So to pull week one to a full understanding, we have to work backwards. First we have wisdom and knowledge, both of which give us an understanding of YeHoVaH’s word. With these two gifts, the gift of leadership can take shape. With leadership, we are able to build ministries, congregations and churches which is paramount in building the body of Messiah. Then we have administration, this gift is the backbone of leadership. Without administration, leadership would fail miserably. Leaders would have too much on their hands to do their own jobs. This is what makes administration so important. Then we have mercy, giving and exhortation, these gifts differ from the others but are no less important.

The manifestation of mercy can lead us to giving which is important because it shows the mercy of YeHoVaH for those who go without. It moves a believer in giving to those in need and a chance to evangelize. It puts the believer who is giving, in a position to provide for those that cannot provide for themselves. Tho YeHoVaH is the provider, when we are the giver, YeHoVaH has an opportunity to use us as His means of giving provision and possible conversion to the belief in Him and adding another soul to the body of Messiah. This leads us to exhortation. This gift gives us a chance to bring confidence and assurance into the body. It allows us an opportunity to build up the body of Messiah in acting in a way that builds up those who need reassurance. It allows the body to gain strength in His ministry to do the deeds and commission that Messiah has for us. Hallelujah.

Now we have covered the first week gifts and the outlook, lets look at what the second week brought to us. We learned about faith, healing, miracles, prophecy and discernment. These gifts all bring about the true nature of YeHoVaH. Now we need to start again backwards. Discernment has a very prevelant stance in a believers walk. We all need to be able to see the difference between good and evil. Whether it be in a person or in an action, discernment helps us see what we need to see. Prophecy is the glory of YeHoVaH being revealed. Although this gift is one that should be tested by those who receive it, it should not be disregarded. What I mean by this is that this gift can be manifested by evil and make one seem false. So it must be tested before it be revealed. When this gift is revealed it shows the fullness of YeHoVaH’s glory to the body of Messiah and can lead others into a relationship with Yeshua. This is one of the goals of this gift. The other goal is to edify the body of Messiah and know He is working among us.

Healings and miracles fall under the same category and we can discuss them in the same matter however they can manifest differently, so lets look into that. With healings, we are always looking into a sickness or disability being healed. We want to see YeHoVaH’s majesty and grace work in us as He heals our infirmities. Now with miracles, we see something different. Miracles covers a multitude of things. It can be from raising the dead or from striking someone dead. It can also be a miraculous healing as well like cancer or aids. Miracles and healings leads to the last gift we covered in week 2 and is also based in faith. Without faith, miracles and healings really can’t be manifested. It is faith that allows for it to happen. It is faith that gives power to the unmentionable things to happen. It is faith that puts trust in YeHoVaH to provide miracles and healings in the name of Yeshua. Think about that the next time you ask Him to heal you.

Moving on to the 3rd week of the gifts, we have speaking and interpreting tongues, apostleship, missionary, evangelist, pastor, shepherd and teaching. For this we have to bounce all over the place to make sense out of it. First, lets cover the congregational department, with teaching. Teaching requires wisdom and knowledge which we covered in week 1 but it leads to pastor, shepherd and apostleship. Without teaching none of the other three are possible. Without knowledge and wisdom, teaching isn’t possible. Every gift that has to do with the spreading of the Good News is a critical and key element to the building of the body of Messiah. Each and every gift is equally important. Us pastors, teachers, shepherds and apostles, need to have to ability to teach which requires patience and understanding.

To be able to teach you have to understand how to read and relate the scriptures to the listeners you have. To be a good pastor, you have to be able to relate your message to those you have been given to feed. To be a good shepherd, you have to be able to tend Yeshua’s sheep. There is a job to do and all of it requires patience, an understanding of YeHoVaH’s Word and need to have a bit of relating prowess to get your point across to all people. To be an apostle, you have to have a great gift to guide leaders into a position to teach those who are looking for guidance that leads into the hand of YeHoVaH. This is not an easy task at all and requires a lot of skill and also YeHoVaH’s ordination to manifest this gift appropriately. This leaves us at speaking and interpreting tongues. We have discussed this many times and I have made it clear on what real and fake tongues are. I would like to reiterate what this means and how to recognize the fake from the true manifestation of this gift.

This week we discussed many different things that are rare qualities to the body of Messiah. We discussed celibacy and abstinence. These two gifts require a great discipline and helps you defeat the flesh in the battle of temptation. Imagine yourself not being intimate or allowing yourself to have physical relationship with the opposite sex. Imagine not even allowing a thought of that nature into your mind. On the other hand we also discussed martyrdom. This one is a tough one because it requires being inflicted for a Messiah we cannot see. It requires loving an entity that is invisible but yet desires us to die for Him. Imagine what the reward would be for dying for something you can’t see. Imagine if you will, what it would be like to be inflicted for something you cannot see or physically feel. The gifts spoken of in week 4 are rare and cannot be manifest in just anyone.

Just like voluntary poverty isn’t made for just anyone. Everyone would not just take the shirt off their back for a stranger. What about taking a bullet for someone. Being inflicted in poverty for a monetary substance isn’t all we are talking about but also another life. What if poverty led to death to show YeHoVaH’s glory? What if our life was able to bring another soul to the body of Messiah? Would it be worth it? Would giving our life be worth it? Would giving up our home to the homeless be worth it? Would giving up our shirt off our back be worth it? What would be worth it to you? As I stated before, these gifts aren’t for everyone. These are for a select few and a very special people that will exalt YeHoVaH’s glory on high.

You see everyone the question I asked at the beginning was what is the common goal of all the gifts that the Spirit ordains for us? The answer is simple, to exalt, glorify and edify the body of Messiah. If you are able to allow the manifestation of a gift through you, then you should allow it. If you refuse, you are not only hindering the ability to show the glory of YeHoVaH but you may also hinder the ability for a new soul to be converted into the body of Messiah. Let us all work together to help manifest these gifts, teach others about these gifts and bring thousands more through the manifestation of these gifts. You are a vessel for YeHoVaH and you have the choice to be used. The question that remains is,




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