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Secular Holidays Pt. 4

Secular Holidays Pt 4 Thanksgiving So since we have started our journey we have covered 2/3s of the years holidays, however, last week we came to a crawl and it continues this week. We were going to cover everything but Horusmas this week but when I got to Thanksgiving, the paganism got deeper and deeper […]

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Secular Holidays Pt. 3

Secular Holidays Halloween We started this series talking about the secular holidays. We were covering four months per service. However, this week we have to come to a crawl. We are going to spend this entire message focusing on Halloween and the days related to it. Halloween is so evil but has yet become a […]

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Secular Holidays Pt. 2

Secular Holidays May – August Last week we started on a journey to unveiling the truth behind the secular holidays and found one that was okay in St. Patrick’s Day when celebrated correctly. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of delivering good news this week about a secular holiday. We are going to cover birthdays, […]

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Secular Holidays Pt. 1

Secular Holidays Pt. 1  January-April Groundhog Day Valentine’s Day St. Patrick’s Day April Fool’s Day & Easter   Today, we are going to prove the true nature of the first part of the years holidays. We are going to show you the historical and demonic ways of this witchy holiday. We will not only discuss […]

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