Fellowship of Yah is an unregistered, religious ministry that is not under any state or federal jurisdiction.

Fellowship of Yah is a congregational church, which according to The United States Supreme Court has defined a congregational church as “a religious congregation which, by the nature of its organization, is strictly independent of other ecclesiastical associations, and so far as church government is concerned, owes no fealty or obligation to any higher authority.”

This ministry operates with the sole purpose of spreading the true authority of Elohim the Father and Yeshua the Messiah to all whom wish to know the truth.

We do not sell, distribute for profit or conduct any profitable business as we are not a business under current definition that corresponds as such.

We do not allow the integration of politics or political discussion into our ministry as this is only about the Scriptures and not about government.

We have no intention of allowing or sustaining any federal or state aid, tax exemption or other tax authority as we do not conduct any taxable business.

All donations or funds injected into this ministry has already been taxed and paid on therefore no longer is subject to further taxing under current state and federal tax laws.

Any interruption, interference or injustice by any federal or state officials will be met by legal council under the constitution amendment to freedom of religion.

If there are any questions or concerns please contact Fellowship of Yah Leadership.

Thank You!