Seek Your Face

  The Seek Your Face album was an endeavor I was unaware that I was going to partake in.  Shortly after I knew that I was going to write an album, I started writing and it flowed like water from a waterfall.  However, the more it wore one the more I had to endure the mental strain and the long nights of edits.  Eventually in 2017, we finished the production of the album.  It is ready to listen to and to order a hard copy cd at your request.  You can get one free by sending me an email or you can donate any amount and place a request in the donation note for a cd.

Get ready to get immersed into an unconventional worship series of music with the Seek Your Face Album.  Where hearts are at peace when we Seek Your Face.  Edified knowing that YESHUA IS the salvation that promises MY DELIVERANCE.  Stand strong, stand bold as we are protected by the ARMOR OF ELOHIM and equipped with our BLAZING SWORD ready to cut down the enemy.  Yah bless YOUR PRECIOUS SOUL and gratefully praise Him saying YOU CHOSE TO LOVE ME.  So as we stand beside STILL WATER, stand empowered, ready to DENY THE WORLD. PRAISE BE TO ADONAI.

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Yeshua Is

Still Waters

Your Precious Soul

Armor of Elohim

Running Out of Time

You Chose to Love Me

Seek Your Face

Yeshua is My Deliverance

Blazing Sword

Praise Be to Adonai

Deny the World

Thank You for Everything