Join Us Saturday Mornings @ 11am

Shabbat Services are held every Saturday morning at 11am and continues until the Ruach Ha Kodesh(Holy Spirit) calls it to an end. Many people say that the Saturday Sabbath is for Jews. According to Exodus 31:16-17, it says that the “PEOPLE OF ISRAEL” are to keep the Shabbat. The people of Israel are all people who accept the sovereignty of YeHoVaH in their lives, not just the Jews. According to Romans 11:11-31, we are grafted in by accepting the sovereignty of YeHoVaH and the atonement of Yeshua(Jesus) that paid the price for our sins. With all this, we should be obeying the commandments that YeHoVaH gives to the children of Israel because we are counted a part of Israel as HIS children and we love Him.

Shabbat Services are held at 12441 Angus Dr. Laurinburg, NC 28352.

If you have trouble finding us, please refer to our contact page and feel free to reach out to us.

We look forward to seeing everyone.