The Statements of Faith of Fellowship of Yah

1. Father(Elohim, YaHuaH, YeHoVaH,etc) is our God. There is only one God and there can be no other. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

2. Yeshua is the son of Joseph and Mary and chosen son of God as the Father put the His spirit and His word upon and into Yeshua the Prophet like Moses.

3. Yeshua is NOT God. There is no trinity. Jesus is not God but only a man with a very special job to carry out.

4. The Holy Spirit is a part of Elohim as we are made in His image, He is a single being with a spirit, similar to us but in a much bigger perspective. 

5. We do not celebrate secular holidays. That means no XMAS, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.. We do not follow the traditions of men. We observe the festivals of Elohim written in Leviticus 23 and other sections of the Scriptures. 

6. We believe the Sabbath is Saturday.

7. To inherit the gift of Life from Elohim, it is our belief that one must become submissive to the word of God and acknowledge Messiah. We are judged by faith and works. For without works, we have no faith. 

8. We are not Jewish, Jehovahs Witness, Messianic Jewish, Christians or 7th Day Adventists. We are not stereotyped by any religion as we do not support religion. 

9. We believe religion is a creation of man to control the people by the law of morality and into worshiping the law of morality and government. 

                       We are an independent preaching ministry that preaches the GOOD NEWS OF TORAH. The WORD OF GOD!



  1. We started to realize that everything was a lie and the lies that were found were lies from the authors of a few books in the actual Bible. This became to be known to my family and will be known to my group that follows me as the great test of Scripture.

  2.  We started to see a difference in the message of God then the message of the church or the message of any doctrine we’ve been apart of thus far so that started our search into a journey we didn’t know we embarked on until now.

  3. We learned that the New Testament is NOT the mark of God but instead a record of books put together by men and allowed to be compiled by Elohim so that the Great Test will be made. Reading the bible as a record instead as the literal words out of God’s mouth changed a lot in how the New Testament is perceived.

  4. After coming to the knowledge about the New Testament, we realized what Paul, Luke and others in the New Testament actually represent. For more information, please see (link to be provided later).

  5. We found out Paul to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, preaching a gospel that mimics truth but twist the words enough to create a GOLDEN CALF out of Messiah. For more information, please see (link to be provided later).

  6. Paul started our change out of Christianity and his lies destroyed the doctrines that we all believed in for so long. We had no choice but to denounce the corrupt religion of Christianity. For more information, please see (link to be provided later).

  7. The last reason why we denounced Christianity and started to realize the truth about these world religions is simple. We found out that Jesus is a false god, created by the Catholic church and further deified by the Western world over a couple hundred years. Jesus is a false god, however, Yeshua the prophet is our Messiah. That is not the same messiah, resemble the same messiah or emulates the same messiah of the Christian church. Yeshua was a man of flesh and blood who chose to follow God and was chosen and prophesied to be Gods prophet spoken of in the prophecies. Yeshua is the son of God as well but he was born from Joseph and Mary.

**this will be updated as we are able to spend more time to write out more detail**