Devlin and Saryah’s Testimony

This is our walk to where we are today. A life living in the Hands of YHVH.

Saryah’s Testimony  - On April 23, 2015, I asked YaH about stopping my medications and birth control because I felt that they were no longer necessary.  He responded that I no longer needed to take anymore man-made drugs.  Three days later, April 26th, 2015, I told my husband about this and he was a little freaked out.  My husband went outside to pray to YaH about this and he told me that he asked YaH if I was told to stop all medications (including birth control).  When he asked his question, YaH said "Yes son, I did".  Devlin continued to ask if he was going to give him a son.  YaH responded "Yes son, I am".  Devlin rushed in and shared the news with me of what YaH had told him.  Later on that day, my husband and I were sitting on the couch listening to Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns.  That’s when it came to me that I had to destroy the medications that I was taking and to trust in YaH.  Weeping, I rushed into the bedroom, to my bedside table, grabbed my meds.  I stumbled to the toilet and tossed all of them into it.  I fell to the floor, weeping.  My husband came in and pulled me to my feet to console me in his arms.  A moment later, my husband flushed the toilet and that’s when I felt the finger of our Father come down and put to death my old self and made me a new person.  At this time, I did not know that my name would have been changed.  Two days later on April 28, 2015, we had bible study with two dear friends.  During the prayer of that bible study YaH came to Devlin and told him that we would conceive within 30 days and that I was to change my name from Carolyn to Saryah and gave my husband the spelling of my name, letter by letter S-A-R-Y-A-H. On July 1st, 2015, I found out that our true conception date was May 28th, 2015, exactly 30 days from when YaH had spoke to him.  This is the beginning of Obadiah's testimony. We now have two beautiful children together and testimony after testimony of the work of YaH in our lives. All praise to Aya Asher Aya, I Am That I Am, The Great I Am!

Devlin’s Testimony 
- April 27th, 2015 the man controlled by Silver(a demon) is now dead and Devlin lives. The Father, my King and Savior, has finally sent down from the heavens my redemption and broken my chains of bondage that I allowed this evil world to place on me.  Through drugs, sex and video games, I was bound.  Twenty-six years of wasted time that I should have been praising YaHuaH, I was worshiping HaSatan with my Playstation, sex and drugs.  Thanks be to the Father for His mercy and His forgiveness.  I should be damned to Hell for eternity but He showed me the way.  On the afternoon of April 27th, 2015, the Father showed me the error of my ways.  I was smoking some marijuana, asking the Lord to take the desire for it away.  Once again, like my wife, I was listening to a Casting Crowns song, Set Me Free.  I threw my pipe into the trash but not good enough.  I grabbed my wife and all my paraphernalia.  We went outside to bury it because I didn’t feel safe throwing it in the trash.  I had a shovel but it wouldn’t break the ground, no matter how hard I stomped on it.  In the middle of this, a kid came and interrupted our action and that’s when I had a feeling of hatred that was like a raging fire in my heart.  I darted to my PS3 and threw it in the trash.  When it didn't explode on its crash, I grabbed my hammer and started beating it.  The more I beat it, the more angrier I became and at the peak of that anger, is when it came to me that I wasted 26 years of my life.  When that came to me, I started beating that Playstation harder and harder.  The demon known as Silver came to my surface and that’s when the Father sent down His mercy, reached into my soul and took Silver out and delivered me from damnation.  For Father is oh so merciful. None of this on this world matters, nothing matters that is earthly.  I AM DELIVERED AND I AM A TRUE CHILD OF THE KING, my SAVIOR AND REDEEMER(Isaiah 43:1-13) YaHuaH, Ayah Ashur Ayah(I AM that I AM), YeHoVaH.

Saryah and I have been searching and looking for a place of worship to call home.  We went to Baptist, Pentecostal, Non-Denominational and Messianic Judaism congregations.  We stayed rooted with the messianic community for almost a year but finally came out of it after my persistent mother kept asking us to watch a teaching.  Come to find out, the teachings were about traditions and culture.  Messianic Judaism puts a lot of effort and emphasis into traditions of men and holds the traditions of men over the traditions of YaHuaH.  We witnessed this finally on Yom Teruah, when the congregation made Rosh Hashanah more prevalent then the Day of Trumpets, Yom Teruah.  We found ourselves in a place where we again had no congregation to call home.  That’s when YaHuaH came and said build His congregation in the Fellowship Of Yah and now we sit here as the shepherds of Fellowship of Yah.  I was formally an ordained minister/preacher under the umbrella of the National Association for Christian Ministers out of Greenville, SC.